Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on McKenzie

This is McKenzie's Mom, Kelley. As many of you know she has been struggling with ongoing migraine headaches. We have been praying and fasting and hoping that they could find some answers in Zagreb to help her. So far, nothing seems to be working. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.
Here is a little excerpt from her email home today:

As for me, I have been feeling okay this week. We have been seeing a new neurologist and she kind of wants to go over everything that the other doctors have already looked at to see if they missed anything and to make sure that if she wants to prescribe medication that she sees the whole picture. I hope this is the last doctor that I have to see because honestly, I don't think I can take much more of the same questions. I've been working very hard at keeping my spirits up because I have really felt down in the past few days. All the emails and sweet notes that I've gotten this week have really helped, but I am still struggling. 

Thursday was the worst day for me. I was completely overwhelmed and the pain was throbbing. I was nauseated, but I hadn't eaten all day so I came up from my nap and just lost it. The poor Rowes. Sister (younger) Rowe has been an absolute angel and quickly laid me down on the floor and started massaging my neck and my head. It hurt so badly all I could really do was cry. I knew the massage would make it better, but it hurt so badly! Eventually we got some excedrine in me and a little Coke and I was able to sit up. That's when President and I had a little impromptu interview. I could feel the spirit so strongly even when we were talking. He is very caring and understanding and would jump at the chance to get me feeling better. He reassured me that whatever I feel would be best for me to do we would do, and I knew that he meant it! I saw this earlier in the week when the doctor over our Area pretty much had me booked on a flight back to the US because I haven't been functioning as a missionary and we haven't come up with a diagnosis for my pain. I am scared to death to come home and both Sister and President Rowe know that, so as soon as they heard him say that they jumped on the phone, got the best doctors to look at me and convinced him to give me another two weeks to figure things out.

They literally are my parents here and I am just one of the family. They are the best. I am really loving the time I am getting to spend with Sister Rowe and President on such a personal level. Not many missionaries get this! Seeing the faith they exercise every day to be here and somehow hold their own family together along with 50 teenagers and 26 retired couples is a testimony to me.

I know that, like so many others have said, that I am here for a reason. It's hard for me to see sometimes, but as I keep praying and studying the scriptures I can feel the spirit and I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of me. This is the Lord's work, I have no doubt about it. In my time down this week Sister Rowe showed me a special they had on BYUTV  all about Kresimir Cosic. Through watching the film I could absolutely see the hand of the Lord in where he went to play Bball, who he met, etc. but maybe at the time he couldn't see it, just like me. You all should really watch it. It's incredible! He was a great man and the ONLY way the church really could have gotten started over here. 

Thank you for everything you have done in the past few weeks. I have definitely felt your love and prayers. 

I love you all!
Sestra Giles
Thanks for all your love and support of McKenzie. She feels it and needs it:) If you have a minute to send her an email this week I know it would help:)  Her email address is:

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