Wednesday, January 30, 2013

McKenzie's Progress: Week Two Back at Home

McKenzie & Mom serving the headaches away!!!
Here is the update on McKenzie's progress for this week. First of all, we need to say thank you so much to all of you for your kind thoughts, words, visits, gifts and prayers for her. It has made her feel so loved.

It has been an emotional week for her, as we started to work on the things the doctor suggested for her. Basically the headache is always there.  Sometimes it is not as painful, but then it spikes and gets bad. She also continues to deal with nausea at very random times. We have tried to fill her days with good things, such as going to the temple, writing missionaries, working on some projects for her mission, humanitarian projects and visiting with family and friends:) She tries to push through even when the headache gets bad. She has been sleeping much better this week and we are grateful for that. She has also been getting massages from our kind neighbor, Julie Britsch, and that has been helping with the soreness in her neck and shoulders.

In visiting with the doctor this week he said that as long as the headache is not getting worse, but staying the same, that he wants her to continue to do the same things. (good sleep, exercise, massage. taking the Topimax). He feels that we need to give the Topimax more time to work. It is supposed to help prevent the headaches. We are hopeful that it will  take effect soon.

McKenzie has also been able to talk to President & Sister Rowe, and their family as well as some of the missionaries in her mission this week:) That has been a sweet tender mercy for her. They are keeping her filled in on everything going on in the mission.

Thanks again for all your love and support! 

Three Sestre for the ward missionary activity.

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