Monday, December 31, 2012

Stretan Nova Godina!!!

Face time on Christmas Day with McKenzie. Having a migraine but still trying to keep smiling:)
Caroling on Christmas Eve:)
Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Holidays! I can hardly believe that they're almost over! 

Christmas was really wonderful here. The beauty of living in a mostly Islamic city is that everything is still open on Christmas day! haha Sestra Black and I got up, opened our Christmas presents and then went right out to do some SERIOUSLY last-minute Christmas shopping. We then went up to the Smartt's house to help Sister Smartt get ready for our Christmas dinner. With the cooking and Christmas lights flashing it was perfect. We had a DELICIOUS meal and read the Christmas story together and heard some good stories about the General Authorities from Elder Smartt. It was a very good day all around!
Mission Christmas Conference

All the sisters at the Christmas Conference!!!
McKenzie's new companion, Jack:)
Since I haven't been feeling very well President Rowe decided that it would be good for me to come and stay up in Zagreb and see some more doctors, so that's where I am now! Zagreb is a beautiful city and is 100% more Christmas-y than Sarajevo, so it's nice. I'm in a different situation because I don't have an assigned companion. It's really helpful so that I can relax and see different doctors without feeling like my poor companion is continually having to be dragged around. It's kind of funny though, to have to change my entire way of thinking. In the past few months it's been work, work, WORK and now it's relax, relax, RELAX. I can feel myself getting a little better every day, so I hope we're almost out of the woods!
Sarajevo Branch Relief Society:)
I love this time of year for the lights, time with family and the food, but I also love it for the time we have to make goals! Every year we have a chance to start over and to become better. I love you all and hope that you have a GREAT 2013.
Sestra Giles

Jahorina resort in Sarajevo

Part of the resort that was bombed out in the war.
Mom Note: For those of you who don't know, McKenzie has been suffering with severe migraine headaches for the last three weeks. She has been very frustrated and in so much pain. We have seen the Lord's hand in the miracles that are taking place as we search for answers and ways to help her. We want to thank all those who are taking such good care of her.  They have blessed her life and ours as well. We know that this is in the Lord's hands:) Please keep her in your prayers:) She is now in the mission home with the Rowes (mission president's family) trying to recover and get some answers to what is going on with her body. We have faith that everything will work out:)


  1. Prayers her way, Kelley. Poor thing. We hope that she feels better soon.
    Send her our love. We will send up the prayers.

  2. So sorry to hear that she is having such problems. I do hope she is able to get it under control. It feels like reliving our mission just to read her letters and see her pictures. Diane

  3. We are just relying on the Lord to bless her and help her through so she can continue to work:) Thanks for your kind words:)

  4. I will keep Sister Giles in my prayers -- so glad she is getting TLC from the Rowes! I'm sure you loved your skype session. The missionaries in the MTC loved the package you sent them! Here is a link to the picture of them with the gift. They are all getting very anxious to head to Croatia.

  5. Thanks Carol. It's great to hear from you:)I'm sure the missionaries are doing great in the MTC. I hear that they are a wonderful group:)It will be exciting to get them out there. I'm glad they liked the package. I just think it is always nice to get a little info straight from the mission field:)I loved looking at Sestra Sorensen's blog:) She sounds like a great missionary.

  6. Sister Giles, I love reading Kenzie's letters. Tell her I'm praying for her. I have no doubt she brings a lot of joy into so many people's lives.

  7. Thanks Nic:) Thanks for your prayers and support!!! You're awesome:)