Saturday, January 19, 2013

She's Back!

She's Home!!!
Waiting at the airport. We love McKenzie:)
Welcome Home:)
 We just wanted to let everyone know that McKenzie made it home safely. We were so glad to be able to wrap our arms around her at the airport. She had a long day of travel from Zagreb, Croatia to Paris, France. Luckily there were four elders also coming home, who took great care of her on the 11 hour flight to Seattle, Washington.  Her grandparents met her in Seattle and were able to take care of her until her flight left for SLC four hours later. (Thanks so much Gma and Gpa Giles)

Ready for Sestra Giles:)
She got into the SLC airport at 7:30pm after 23 hours of travel. As you can imagine she has been exhausted and not feeling too well, but has maintained her sense of humor. She was released as a missionary yesterday and now her new mission begins as we search for answers about her health. She has her first doctors appt. with a wonderful neurologist on Monday. We will be so glad to see him.

She was so touched to walk into her bedroom after her long day of travel and see so many kind notes, thoughts and gifts from all of you. She feels your love and support and is so grateful. We are also grateful for all of you. We know that she is here because it is the Lord's will for her right now. She has seen so many tender mercies from the Lord these past few weeks. We will try to keep you posted on her progress.

Some of the notes for Sestra Giles!
We know there are many of you who would like to see her, just know that she gets tired easily, but she would like to see you if even just for a few minutes:) She is back on facebook and you can contact her there.

Thanks again for all your love and support!!! She has needed it and so have we:) We are lucky to be so blessed to have great family and friends.

We love you all!!!
McKenzie and the Giles Family

All together again:)
PS. A special thanks to President & Sister Rowe and their sweet family, as well as the Smartts and all the missionaries in her mission who have supported her through this trial.

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  1. McKenzie, We love you!! I hope we'll get to see you at Brad and Geri's on Tuesday night before we take Ash to the MTC. I'm sure you have lots of words of wisdom for her :-)