Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Doctor's Visit Back in the US

Visit to see Dr. Nelson
Hey All,

We just wanted to update all of you on what our neurologist said yesterday. Our bishop who is a doctor got us an appointment with a great pediatric neurologist. (McKenzie may be his oldest patient) First of all he looked at the MRI's and did some tests on McKenzie and then said that he didn't see anything serious, which is good. Then he said that we could either redo all the tests or start from where we are. He said the "pictures" looked good, so he felt like we could just go from there:) He said sometimes our bodies just start in this cycle of headaches, not necessarily for any reason, but that it is not unusual for someone to have a series of headaches that lasts for up to eight weeks and then starts to slowly subside on its own. There can be all different kinds of reasons for it but we never really know why. He also said that taking the pain medications as she has been can actually begin to "cause" the headaches. So here is how we will begin treatment:

1. Get off all of the pain medications and muscle relaxants. (essentially everything she was taking before)

2. Get on a routine schedule. He told her that even if she doesn't sleep at night, she still needs to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

3. When she has the headaches, she needs to do something active, like going on a walk etc, not getting back in bed.

4. He started her on a medication called "Topimax" which is to help prevent the headaches. He said it takes up to a month to start working and that it will probably cause her to be drowsy at night. She was happy about that:)

5. He suggested "massage therapy" for her neck and shoulders. Our neighbor is a massage therapist and will begin with McKenzie tonight:) He also suggested acupuncture or any natural means of controlling the soreness.

6. He prescribed something for her to take if the nausea got so bad that she was throwing up, but didn't want her to use it, if not.

Maddie taking care of big sister:)
He told her this will take some time, but it is a time in her life when she has time to work on it. We are going to work on some projects to keep her mind busy. I know that she has been thinking about some things she wants to do for the mission.  She has continued to try to keep her spirits up. I heard her up this morning at 4:30am and went down to see how she was doing and she was in the tub with her Book of Mormon:) She continues to study and and be a light here. So many friends have stopped by to visit her, so she is receiving a lot of support:) I'm not sure this was what she wanted to hear today from the doctor, but I think it makes a lot of sense. This next week will be hard as her body adjusts to what is going on.

Thanks again for all the love and support:)

High School & College Friends Who Came to Visit


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  1. Kelley,
    I'm not sure if I could help her in any way, but after having a headache almost everyday for 25 years, and more migraines than I can count, I would be more than happy to share my experience with her. The medications I have tried and some easy tricks that work for me.
    Mitchell was also diagnosed with a rare form of migraines and and was diagnosed at Primary Childrens. He and I both take a daily maintenance meduication (I've tried Topamax) and his seems to help quite a bit but I still struggle with mine.
    Ease let me know if I can help in any way, we are praying for her,

    1. Thanks so much Margaret:) We would appreciate the help. I will give you a call:)