Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 10: Great Week in California & Good Visit to Doctor

Great day at the Sacramento Temple:)

Katie & McKenzie ready for Savannah's sealing

Here is the update on McKenzie for this week:

She had a wonderful time in California. She loved staying with the Jensen family, who took such good care of her. They made sure she took all her medications and got plenty of rest:) They also made sure she had plenty of fun:) She was able to go to Savannah Argyle's wedding at the Sacramento Temple as well as see some of Old Sacramento and of course they had to do some shopping:) One of the greatest things was getting to see Elder Oaks at Stake Conference on Sunday and being able to shake his hand.  The only sad thing was that the sun did not come out very much:(

We were a little worried about how McKenzie's health would be on the trip, but she did very well. She had three small headaches during the week, which is not bad for where she has been in the past.  Then on Sunday night she got a big headache which then continued on thru Monday. She was pretty worn out by the time she got home from her trip Monday night.

Yesterday we saw the doctor, who did a lot of retesting to see how McKenzie's body is doing. She said that the parasites have been working hard to reproduce and that now they are 65% gone. We were a little discouraged about that, since last time she was tested they were 90% gone. Parasites are pesky and difficult and they like to move around when they are being attacked. The doctor changed up a few things that McKenzie is taking and she will be getting footbaths once a week for the next month. The doctor feels like it will take about two months to get totally rid of the parasites and she feels that McKenzie will be headache free by then:)

Oxidizing Footbath:  Detoxifying her liver:)
The positive part of all of this is that we are starting to see our old McKenzie reappear. Her laughter, sense of humor and her fun personality are coming back. This has definitely been a rough few months. She mentioned that she is starting to feel like herself again. We are so grateful. She continues to work on the emotional/mental part of all of this and is making some good progress!!!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support!!! You keep us all going.

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