Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 9: A Little Recuperation in California

McKenzie & Katie relaxing in California:)
Here's a little update on what is happening with McKenzie this week.  Last week was pretty good. McKenzie feels like she is about 75% herself physically. She seems to be getting a little better every week:) We are so grateful for her progress.

The hardest thing for her right now is dealing with the emotional part of all that has happened. She went from being in full-time service to the Lord in Bosnia and feeling like she was making a difference in people's lives as she was doing the Lord's will, to  having to come home from her mission and be taken care of by others. It is hard for her to feel like she is doing anything that matters right now. We continue to try to fill our days with good things, but it is still hard for her not to know what is next and not to feel good enough to make any decisions yet. She is definitely getting closer and I think once she is feeling 100% she will be able to make the decisions she needs to with the Lord's help. Then she can move forward feeling at peace.

Luckily for McKenzie she has a dad who is a psychologist, so working on helping her emotionally is something he is good at. Each week we (dad, mom and McKenzie) have a little meeting together to discuss what is happening with her physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. As I have said before, we set goals in each of these areas each week so she can see progress. This week her dad asked her to answer three questions in writing each day. This assignment helps her to think through things that are going on with her:)
One nice thing that happened this week is that McKenzie got the chance to go with her friend Katie Jensen Hall to California and stay with her family for a week. We thought a little rest, relaxation and fun in the sun could be helpful to her recovery. Katie and her family have been so good to take care of McKenzie while she has been there. Thanks so much Jensen family!!!

McKenzie and the Jensen family:)
We continue to see the Lord's hand in all our lives. We are grateful for all of you:)

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