Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 7: Best Week Yet!!!

McKenzie working a few hours in Dad's office:)
Well we hardly dare say it, but this last week has been the best yet!!! Each day when McKenzie woke up the headache was very minimal. She has felt so much better:) It has been great to see her smiling, teasing, laughing and getting back to herself.

She still had some times when the headache would spike and when she would have to slow down, but on the whole it was a much better week.  She is still struggling with her energy level, which is still not where it was, but it seems to be getting much better. We feel very encouraged by her progress this week.

One thing we have spent time talking about is that this trial that McKenzie has been going through has not just affected her physically, but it has also affected her emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are trying to look at all these areas as we try to help her heal and feel better. She has been setting goals in each area, so that she can see progress each week:)

She often mentions that the world of a sick missionary, is a very different world. Not many people know about it or understand it. It has been a real eye opener for all of us. We are definitely so grateful for all of you who have been such a great support to all of us:) We couldn't do what we are doing without you.

Some of the highlights of this week were: 1) McKenzie taught the 12-13 yr old Sunday School Class on Sunday. She did a great job and was able to share many insights with them about missions:)  2) She has been working a few hours each day in her dad's office. 3) She had four ionizing foot baths last week which helped to get rid of the toxins in her body.

Thanks again for all your love and support. As things are getting better we are beginning to look at what is next. The decisions ahead will be hard ones, so please continue to keep McKenzie is your prayers:)

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