Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 8: Lots of Love & Support As McKenzie Continues to Get Better;)

Letter that arrived today that McKenzie sent from Croatia two months ago:)
Missionaries in the Adriatic North Mission
Just another little update on how McKenzie is doing this week:)

She had another pretty good week. As we have been discussing how things are changing with her health, she mentioned that she only had her headache 50% of the time last week. This is great progress. When she got home she had it 100% of the time. This progress has taken a while, but we are grateful that there is progress. Also this week her energy level has been much better. She continues to set goals for herself and try to move forward each week.

Her struggles right now are more emotional. Going through so much in the last several months has been hard on her. She tries to keep her head up and keep smiling, but there are definitely some hard times and hard days emotionally. We are all so grateful for the Lord who is taking good care of her and for so many of you who are helping her to get through this hard time.

There have been some really sweet tender mercies this last week for her. Here are just a few:

1- On Monday she got into her email and had over 50 emails from all the missionaries in her mission. They shared their love and encouragement with her and were so excited to hear that she was doing better. Thank you Adriatic North Missionaries!!!!

2-A sweet friend from BYU's Vocal Point gave McKenzie tickets to their concert last week. It was so fun for her to get to go to the concert and then hang out with the Vocal Point guys afterwards.  Thanks Adam!!!

 On a funny note, McKenzie heard from several friends who had received letters from her in the mail today. She sent them two months ago from Croatia!!! haha. Who knew it could take so long??? Apparently they must of gotten lost in the mail:) So if she told any of you that she had sent you a letter and you didn't get it yet, it could still be coming:) haha.

We can never thank you all enough for loving and supporting McKenzie and us through this trial. We really appreciate all the phone calls, messages, prayers and thoughts:) You are amazing!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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