Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 11: Sweet Blessings

Siblings at the RSL vs BYU soccer game:)
Here's the update on McKenzie for this week:

McKenzie has continued to feel good this past week. Yay!!!  The headache only appears once in a while which is such a relief. She continues to have more energy and is doing much better. Her foot bath this week turned the water yellow which means she is detoxifying her bladder, gallbladder and her fatty tissues. (she loves that) haha.  It's always so interesting to see what her body needs to detoxify each week:)
All McKenzie's herbal supplements and meds! She feels like a senior citizen:) haha

Here are some of the sweet blessings she received this week:

1. She spoke in church on Easter Sunday. She was able to talk about her mission and about the struggle she had in coming home even though she knew she was sick. She talked about how through the enabling power of the atonement, she has been able to make it through this hard time. She also talked about how hard Satan is working on her to make her feel like she's not good enough, or that she just couldn't do it. Any of you who know McKenzie know that she is not a quitter, but Satan knows just what buttons to push:( She also talked about her testimony of the atonement being strengthened by this experience. It has definitely been hard, but she know's it's all for a purpose. She did a great job and we are proud of her. It was good for her to share her thoughts and testimony about her mission and about this experience.

2. This week she also received word that a sweet sister that she and Sister Rowe (mission president's wife) had taught when she was staying at the mission home was baptized.  McKenzie was so excited. She got to be part of a  baptism:)

3. Also a darling sister in our ward who has three young daughters and is pregnant, called to see if McKenzie might be able to help her out and be her nanny for the next month or so. It is the perfect thing for McKenzie:) It is not full time, just here and there, but provides her with an opportunity to feel useful and earn a little money. McKenzie also loves kids, so she is enjoying playing with the girls. This sister who hired her said, "This is such a blessing for us!" We told her that it is really a blessing for McKenzie. 

4. It was spring break this week, so we were able to take our family to St. George for a few days. It was so great for all of us to be together, minus Jordan (McKenzie's older brother, who is about to graduate from UVU!!!)  We enjoyed playing together in the sun and relaxing!!!
Loving on little brother Noah:)  He love's it!!!

Relaxing by the pool.  Yay for the sun:)
We are all excited for General Conference this weekend. Thanks again for your continued support:) Things seems to be getting better each week!!!

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