Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Doctors Visit & Some Things to Look Forward Too:)

Missionaries from the Adriatic North Mission at Elder Josh Bell's Homecoming:)
It seems like the weeks pass by so fast:) I feel like I have just written a post and then it is time to do it again. Here is the update on McKenzie:

First of all we went to see the doctor yesterday. We go about every 4 to 6 weeks. She did more testing to see how the treatments we have been using have been working on the parasites.  She found that 90% of the parasites are gone:)Yay!!! That is good news. McKenzie has been having about 4 headaches a week this last little while. That is actually really good. They are smaller headaches and much more manageable. She is just using herbal medications to treat them which is also good:) We are feeling great about her progress physcially. The doctor feels like it will be about 1 more month to get things totally cleared up:)

Emotionally McKenzie also continues to do well:) She was able to go again to the TRC at the MTC this week, which was such a wonderful experience. She was able to see several other missionaries from her mission there as well. She was also able to attend Elder Josh Bell's homecoming. He also served in the Adriatic North Mission. It was wonderful to hear the stories of conversion from the mission. There was also a group of missionaries at his homecoming from the mission, so it was great to visit with all of them as well.

Also many of you know that McKenzie loves to sing. It is one of the things that makes her happy. Last week she found out about a new male/female acappella group that they were having auditions for at BYU. For those that don't know, McKenzie spent two years before her mission in a BYU female acappella group called "Noteworthy". She loved her experience in Noteworthy!!! When this new opportunity came along she was so excited.  She called the directors of the group and told them of her experience and they immediately wanted her to help them with the auditions for this new group and to help direct it.  So she is now part of the newest male/female accapela group at BYU called "Beyond Measure". She is so excited!!! Below are some pictures of the group:)

Being a judge for "Beyond Measure" Auditions

"Beyond Measure" up close:)

"Beyond Measure"

We are so grateful for all those that have been such a great support to McKenzie in this process.She is doing really well. She starts her job at the Monte L. Bean Museum on BYU campus today. Thanks to her wonderful bosses who have taken such good care of her. Next week she will be moving back to Provo. These new opportunities will be good for McKenzie as she continues to recover and move forward. Thanks again for all your love and prayers! We have learned that you never really know what your mission is, but the Lord does:)

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