Friday, May 10, 2013

Moving Back to Provo and Getting Back to Work:)

Cute sign for McKenzie when she got to work on her first day back at the Monte L. Bean Museum:)  Thanks Patty!!!
Cute Dominguez girls that McKenzie takes care of:) They are actually good therapy for her!!!
Well it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything. So here is the update on McKenzie. We appreciate all of you who have been so wonderful to keep McKenzie in your prayers. She has felt your love and support.

About two weeks ago McKenzie moved back to Provo to see how her body would do under more strenuous circumstances. The week before she left she hadn't had any headaches and was feeling like her old self. She started her job at the Monte L. Bean Museum where her bosses welcomed her back and have been so wonderful to her. She is very spoiled to work with such great people:) She will also continue to nanny for a darling family in our ward. She loves the three girls that she takes care of:)

Week one in Provo was good but McKenzie did get headaches several times and was physically exhausted. It will definitely take some time to get used to her new situation. She didn't know any of her new roommates, but thought it would be good to meet some new people:) She has some good friends across the street who are taking good care of her.

This last week she has been trying to get herself on a better schedule. She did have a giant headache on Wednesday but was able to get it under control with her medications. All in all she has been doing pretty well. We are grateful for her progress and hope that she will continue to get better.

McKenzie also got to attend the wedding of her companion Ariana Black. It was so much fun for her:) Sestra Black took such good care of McKenzie when she was so sick. She cooked for her and read to her and was amazing!!! 

Attending Ariana's wedding:)

McKenzie meeting with the Adriatic North missionaries at the TRC at the MTC:) She loves getting to speak Croatian with them.
Of course one of McKenzie's favorite activities is to be able to help out at the TRC at the MTC.  She loves getting to see the missionaries every week:)  We are so grateful to see McKenzie's progress. Again, thanks to all of you for your wonderful support.

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  1. It was great seeing her there at the wedding. It meant a lot to me that she could come. The missionaries love having her at TRC too. Every week they ask, "Is McKenzie coming? Can I teach her?"
    Everyone loves McKenzie