Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week Four: Finally Getting a Few Hours Headache Free

Our Homeopathic doctor doing some testing
Opthamologist visit
Here is just another little update on how McKenzie is doing. It has been another week where she has seen very little progress as far as her headache goes. It is hard to wait for things to work and yet that is what we are having to do. We have continued with acupuncture. The doctor sent us home with some herbs to use on McKenzie between appointments:)

Acupuncture at home:) no needles, just herbs. It's pretty interesting, that's for sure!!!
Today we went to a Homeopathic Doctor whom we loved.  She and her staff spent lots of time with McKenzie and were able to give us some answers. The best part of all was that McKenzie had an IV Power Drip of magnesium, B6 and a few other things to help battle some parasites that she has picked up which they feel are causing the headache. Afterwards she was headache free for a couple of hours. That is the first time in 2 months that she hasn't had the headache. They also gave her some herbal remedies to help get her body back to normal:)

Power drip-Some relief at last!!!
After that we went to see the Opthamologist to get her eyes checked. Everything looked good there, so her eyes don't seem to be the problem.

We continue to be hopeful that we can find some answers. Today was an answer to our prayers for her not to have the headache even if just for a little bit of time.
Trying to keep her sense of humor with her eyes dilated:)

We are thankful for all your calls, prayers, visits etc. You have all been such a great support to McKenzie. Please know that she appreciates all your love and support.

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