Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 5: A Sweet Tender Mercy From the Lord

Siblings rubbing McKenzie's temples when the headache is bad
Sometimes they are not so helpful:) haha
Just another little update on how McKenzie is doing. We also wanted to share a sweet tender mercy that we received yesterday. As we look at the past month that McKenzie has been home here is what we are seeing:

Good things:
1-Her neck and shoulders have loosened up quite a bit and are not so painful.
2-She is getting much better sleep.
3-Emotionally and mentally she is feeling much better.
4-She is able to get up everyday and do good things (service, family things, helping friends, working on mission stuff etc.)

Not so good things:
1-The headache still never goes completely away.
2-She doesn't have much energy (she says she feels like a little grandma:) This is probably from having to deal with the headache everyday.

We continue to search for answers. The neurologist says that she needs to stay on the "Topimax" for another month to see if it will help. He is encouraged that she is doing better and that the headache is not getting worse. We of course are just frustrated that she still has the headache:(

The homeopathic treatment seems to be good although one IV treatment helped to relieve the headache, while the next one didn't do anything. We just keep moving forward and hoping to see some good results.

We are grateful for the sweet tender mercies that the Lord sends for McKenzie and us. Yesterday when McKenzie went in for her IV treatment, she met another  returned sister missionary who also had to come home because of illness. This young woman has now been home for two years and had so much wonderful advice for McKenzie. Their personalities seemed very much alike:) They were able to visit for about an hour while getting their treatments. As you can imagine there are many things that both of these girls have struggled with in not being able to finish up their missions like they had hoped to. It is a very emotional thing as well as being hard physically when you don't feel good. McKenzie was so grateful to have someone to talk to who knew just what she was feeling and could help her figure out some ways to deal with this new mission she is on.

 We are so grateful for all of you who love and support McKenzie. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers and for sending her your love:) She still doesn't have the energy to do all that she wants to, but please know that she loves and appreciates you!

Grandma's birthday lunch with the Aunts:)

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  1. Okay, so I could not help come across this and comment. I went to high school with McKenzie but she probably doesn't even remember me. I had constant headaches and migraines for years from about grade 4 to a year ago. I was sick of taking medication and having little to no relief.
    I don't know what options you have looked at (seems like you have looked at most!), but mine ended up being related to me clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth at night. After years of clenching it got to the point that it would pop and give me temporary relief. Now I have arthritis in my jaw, but after figuring this out I no longer eat anything chewy, chew gum, and I try to not pop my jaw. I can go weeks without headaches now

    Here is to hoping and praying you find a solution and relief! I understand the physical and mental strain headaches can be.