Monday, October 15, 2012

We Are Just Whistling While We Work!

Beautiful Sarajevo!
A cute little mosque (Jambia) by our apartment
Hello Everyone!

(Another email without apostrophes...kill me.)

Seriously sometimes I cant believe where the time has gone! I feel like yesterday was just P-day and here we are again. Luckily a lot has happened and I have SO much to tell you about!

First of all, SANDRA HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE! We went over and taught her more about the 10 commandments and the law of chastity and again, she is so prepared! She was teaching us about how important she thinks chastity is and keeping the commandments. I just love her too much. haha We challenged her to be baptized on October 27th, but she says she doesnt think she is ready and wants to be baptized on the 24th of November, so thats her date (for now)! She was ready for baptism 2 weeks ago so we are hopefully going to help her feel that she will be ready by the end of October. She is going to be a GREAT member of the church here. I keep being blown away by the idea that she heard about this gospel only about 2 months ago and she already knows so much about it! We gave her a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants 2 weeks ago and she is already 200 pages into it. She is so ready!

Elder Brown trying out our new podium:)
This week has been a little bit hard for us as a district. We set a big goal for us to accomplish and immediately saw blessings come from it, but this week its been a little stagnant. We didnt find any new investigators this week. We knocked door after door, but people just always say--You are both very cute girls, lets meet up for coffee sometime!-- Seriously, if one more person asks me out for coffee I might explode. They say that dating stops when youre on a mission....but it doesnt mean that people dont stop asking you out! haha Thats our biggest problem right now, though. People just want to be our friends! Were struggling with knowing how to get straight to the point without completely hurting their feelings. Weve tried being straightforward: that doesnt usually end up well, but thats what we are here for! We are going to continue to pray to be able to tell people that we just need to be the gospel. haha 

Very wet missionaries

We also learned that October is a weird weather month here! Weve been caught in the middle of a rain storm a few times without an umbrella, but luckily we both love the rain so we just come home looking like the happiest little wet doggy missionaries! haha Also, last Monday we looked outside and the sun was shining so we dressed for a day just like the others we have had here...but turns out it was about 40 degrees outside! We were getting quite the interesting looks as we were walking around the center of town in our short sleeves and sandals. I ended up finding my winter coat that day luckily and found boots later in the week so now I am prepared! haha 

Winter coat & sandals?:)
To wrap up, I want to talk about one of our investigators named Edina. She was paralyzed when she was 9 and has been a wheelchair since then. Sestra Trumbo has been teaching her for about 3 months now. She cant seem to understand the idea that the only way that she will find complete happiness and peace with her life is if she turns to Jesus Christ. We took her to conference last weekend and she LOVED it. She definitely felt the spirit and has been better at reading the Book of Mormon since then. Yesterday we went and picked her up for church, pushed her to the tram stop, got on the tram and were on our way. About halfway through our half-hour tram ride into town the tram turned off the route and dropped us off. We learned right after that the tram that we usually rode to church was not running. We were about 3 miles from the church so what did we do? Sestra Trumbo handed me her bag and we started walking to church. We only had about 10 minutes until church was supposed to start so we were almost at a jog the whole way there. Luckily the weather was perfect, Sestra Trumbo walks really fast and Edina was in such a good mood because we made it to church only 5 minutes late, and made it just in time for the sacrament! Elder Shillabeer was our speaker for sacrament meeting and delivered a sermon all about how we each need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ...and spoke straight to Edina. Since we were late we just sat in the back row and she wheeled her chair into the aisle, right in front of the podium. Within 3 minutes of Elder Shillabeers talk Edina was in tears. It was just what she needed to hear.

As I was talking to Elder Shillabeer after the meeting he told me that as he got up to the podium to give his talk, he looked right at Edina and didnt give a word of what he had prepared to say for the whole meeting. Heavenly Father directed him with the words which were exactly what Edina needed. I was so shocked. He looked like he had be preparing his whole life to give that talk...which I guess he has!

The two things I got out of this experience was that: 1. God knows each of us 2. We can be tools in His hands. 

Elder Shillabeer didnt know what Edina needed to hear, but Heavenly Father did, so he helped him give the words she needed.

Elder Shillabeer also didnt know that he was going to be changing his talk, but because of the way he is living his life and the person that he is he was in the right place, at the right time, in the right spirit to act on inspiration.

I know sometimes it is hard to act on the promptings we receive, and most of the time its hard to know if they are promptings or not, but just like Elder Bednar said, --STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT!-- As long as we are doing all we can to follow our Savior Jesus Christ every thought we have can be and IS guided by the spirit. In D&C 11 it says, --Anything that leads us to do of the spirit. I am continually working on having enough trust and confidence to act on the promptings I feel and its hard! But I know that we will be blessed and we can bless others lives as we will do those hard things!

I love you all. Happy Autumn!

Volim vas,
Sestra Giles

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