Monday, October 22, 2012

Seeing With ONE Eye

English class challenge:)
Isaac the Branch President's son. So cute!!!
Barsarsia or Pigeon Square. One of my favorite places
 Hello Everyone!

Missionary work is AWESOME. I feel blessed every day to be able to be a missionary and work with such incredible people.
So many beautiful parks here!
 This week was one full of finding. We have been teaching a lot these past few weeks and haven't been able to contact as many people as usual so our pool of people to teach has gotten pretty small. This week we have really been dedicated in stopping every person we can wherever we are. It's been really fun and I have been able to grow my confidence in my ability to talk to people! Its also such a blessing to feel the spirit prompting us to talk to certain people. It's always fun to try my first approach of the day and have my mumbled Bosnian come out. I can say some really hilarious things at the beginning of the day when we are contacting. haha
Serbian Book of Mormon and my new Serbian nametag

As we were walking on the Wilson Walkway on Saturday, we had just finished making some calls and I saw a woman walking past us. We made eye contact and I had the most distinct impression that I needed to talk with her, so luckily I followed the prompting and began talking to her about the importance of families. She then told us that she believes that families are important and that she actually has a son who lives in Austria and gave her a book on Mormon temples! We had a really good conversation about temples and got her information and will be teaching her this week. I was so grateful that I exercized my faith in that moment and was able to find a woman that was open to the wonderful message we have to share and also had some prior knowledge of the gospel that we could build off of.

My name is Sestra Jailz in Serbian:)
I am continuing to be immersed in Bosnian culture here. I think I have a good idea what its all about until I meet a new person with a new idea about what being Bosnian is all about. haha This week it was Islam 101. We tracted into a man who is what we call a Wahabi. He is a very devout Muslim with a full beard and everything. As we began discussing religion with him he began talking about a lot of the beliefs in Islam (Islam is the religion, Muslims are the people who practice Islam, FYI. It took me a while to understand that. haha). One of them that I really loved discussing was his idea of the final Anti-Christ that will be on the earth before Christ returns to Earth. In Islam they believe that the anti-Christ will have one eye. Sestra Trumbo and I started to giggle about that a little, but then he started to describe what he thought ONE EYE really meant. He talked about how the world was so focused on worldly, immoral things. All people are focused on is being better than the person next to them, getting more money, or becoming more attractive: Thinking that this is what will make them truly happy. In his opinion, that is what ONE EYE really means. The anti-Christ isn't some man with one eye, its the attitude of the world.

I loved the way he described it! I have been pondering on that a lot and how it can be so easy to be focused on the wrong things, but as we continually strive to keep our focus on eternal things we can find true happiness! I know that as we study our scriptures, pray for the spirit and live worthy of its companionship that we can see with ONE eye, but with that eye towards the Lord.

I love you all! Keep being great examples.
Sestra Giles
We love writing letters:)      

Sometimes I get very excited to get in my bed:) haha

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